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registry guide: Bath Time

To borrow from Laura Hunter of Moms on Call, “This time of your day is meant to be special and not just another chore! Make sure to have your supplies close at hand, place a hand towel in the bottom of the tub to keep tub from being cold and hard. A large washcloth placed over their chest will help keep those arms from scaring them and keeps them nice and warm. Use large bath towels to wrap and keep warm after the bath!"

Another great tip from Moms on Call: “A baby hair brush is used to "wash" that little one's hair to help alleviate and prevent the dreaded "cradle cap.”  Apply infant soap to scalp, scrub gently in a circular motion and rinse well.”

During bathtime in the early months, don’t forget to check around baby’s neck, where runaway milk might have run. When your child is old enough to sit up on their own, bathtime is a great time for play -- make sure you have a storage pod on the shower wall to keep your little one’s toys clean and dry when not in use.

And don’t forget plenty of washcloths (we like them a little thin, the better for cleaning little ears and belly buttons) and hooded towels (to keep your little one warm after the bath), too!

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