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registry guide: Coming Home Outfit

We constantly get asked by new parents what the “right” coming home outfit is -- and the answer, really, is anything that makes you smile! Newborns have sensitive skin, so we suggest sticking with extra soft, breathable fabrics. (My nephew came home in one of our “Brand New” t-shirts and soft, cotton pants.) Long gowns or sacks might get bunched up when trying to buckle your little one into their car seat for their first ride, so you might want to avoid these kinds of styles to ensure ease on this very important day. Likewise, try to select an outfit that can quickly be put on and taken off -- you’ll be surprised at how fast you’ll start changing diapers...and how fast little messes start to happen!

We do recommend bringing several different “first outfits” with you to the hospital -- what you think you might like might not fit just right, and so it’s always better to be extra prepared. Likewise, we also recommend that your different options be in different sizes. Every baby is different, and some might fit perfectly into something “newborn” size, whereas others might be comfier in an outfit sized 0 to 3 months. And of course don’t forget to take into account the season in which your baby is born: Fall and winter babies will feel cozier in heavier fabrics, while spring and summer babies will be comfier in lighter ones.

Be sure to bring some additional layers or layering options in case of changes in weather, and definitely, regardless of season, bring a great hat for baby to wear home to keep their little head warm! (Our Sweet Pea hat is our all-time favorite) Most  hospitals will even let your baby start wearing their new special hat in the hospital, so they can feel right at home in it before you even head home. If your little one arrives during the fall or winter, we suggest bringing a blanket with you, to tuck around baby once you put him in his car seat.

Remember that though the day you first bring baby home is a very exciting day, it’s also an exhausting one. Anything you can do to keep the day simple and easy is best...and don’t forget, you have a lifetime of great photo opportunities with your little one ahead of you! This is only the beginning!