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registry guide: Swaddling & Sleeping

As our friends at Moms on Call would say, “The right swaddle can be the difference between 2 hours of sleep and 5 or more hours of sleep!” And trust us, that difference will feel even bigger than it sounds during baby’s first few months! Just know that every parent will find a preference for the type of swaddling blanket they like, so we recommend trying out a few different styles to see which one you and your little one prefer before making a big commitment in terms of quantity. We personally are especially fond of muslin swaddles: They’re so, so soft, and the thinness of the fabric ensures an extra-tight swaddle as well as maximum breathability.

After the swaddling stage, many parents love using an infant sleep bag to keep baby tucked in at night. (Remember that for baby’s safety, you should keep any loose sheets or blankets out of the crib.) Try starting with an infant sleep bag around the 4- to 6-month age. Keep the weight of fabric in mind when selecting an infant sleep bag for your little one: During the fall and winter months, you will definitely want a heavier weight sleep bag for your child. (Remember that a good rule of thumb during your little one’s first year is that they’ll always need one extra layer of warmth than you yourself would need.)