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registry guide: Diaper Bag

Your diaper bag is the one piece of gear you will have with you at all times, so our advice when choosing one is to make sure you pick one that reflects your personal style.

Different styles of bags are better suited for different kinds of outings: We love a messenger bag, which keeps hands free, for big adventures like trips to the museum or playground, while a tote is typically larger than any style, and great for your day-to-day, especially if you’re getting around in the car and want everything neatly packed in one place.

Most diaper bags come with a portable changing pad, which is essential for diaper changing on the go. Likewise, almost all diaper bags are equipped with several different size compartments and pockets to make getting organized that much easier. And most bags today also feature an insulated bottle holder, to help maintain the perfect temperature of baby’s bottle on the go.

Between leaky bottles, dirty diapers, and crushed up Cheerios, your diaper bag will get more than messy. We recommend selecting a style made in washable, wipeable fabrics, like vinyl.

It’s also good to make sure that your diaper bag can easily attach to your stroller, or to select a stroller with a storage basket large enough to hold your diaper bag. If not, stroller clips from which you can hang your bag from your stroller’s handles is a very worthwhile investment.

From our combined years of experience, we’ve compiled the following checklist of must-haves to keep stashed in your bag:

- A change of clothes for your little one

- Bottles or nursing supplies

- Formula and formula dispenser

- Zip-Lock bags (great for keeping dirty clothes away from the rest of your bag’s contents)

- Disposable bags (perfect for wrapping up dirty diapers before you throw them away)

- Extra diapers and wipes

- Changing pad

- Bibs and burp cloths

- Diaper rash ointment

- Extra pacifiers

- A few of your little one’s favorite toys

- Your child’s favorite lovey

- Blanket

- Snacks...for baby and parent, both!