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registry guide: Strollers

When selecting your stroller, keep in mind that every family is different: What works for your neighbor, best friend, or sister won’t necessarily be the best solution for you.

We’re frequently asked what the main difference is between a $200 stroller and a $1000 stoller, and the answer, truly, is what we like to think of as “bells and whistles.” Typically, the more expensive strollers offer bigger storage compartments, bigger wheels, better suspension, built-in cup holders, and offer car seat adaptability and bassinet features.

Most strollers are also sold with a number of accessories, which we recommend buying right off the bat in case that given model of stroller be discontinued in the future. The most common stroller accessories are a car seat adapter, a cup holder (an all-time favorite of our clients!), and a travel bag for airline travel.

Even though statistically-speaking, most parents end up with four strollers over a child’s lifetime, we hope to be able to help you avoid that and choose right the first time! The following are the consideration points that we find most help our clients select just the right stroller for their lifestyle:


First-Time Parents Planning to Continue to Grow Their Families:

If you’re expecting your first child and would like a stroller that will grow with your family, we recommend a full-size stroller complete with lots of great features such as a bassinet and a car seat adapter, like the Uppa Baby Vista. This style of stroller is also a wonderful option for those families who want a solid stroller that they can be slightly active with (think, long walk around the neighborhood and to the park) and also folds easily and compactly enough for everyday errands. Look for a model with a second seat attachment available for when baby #2 comes along!


Parents Needing Flexibility and Adaptability:

For parents who plan to use their stroller for both everyday use as well as for high-level activity outside, car seat adaptability is key. You’ll want to invest in a stroller that allows you to take the car seat directly from the car and easily attach it onto your stroller frame for daily errands and that also has good suspension and hefty tires for activity outside. We recommend going one of two routes if this description sounds like you.

One option is a great full-seat stroller with exceptional car seat adaptability and a good suspension base for high-level outdoor activity. Alternately, we suggest purchasing both a jogging stroller for your most high-level outdoor activity and also a less expensive, lightweight umbrella stroller, like the Uppa Baby G Luxe, for daily use as well as moderate outdoor activity.


Parents Looking to Keep It Simple & Save Space:

For parents who want to keep things as simple as possible, might have limited space, or travel frequently, we recommend a lightweight stroller that folds with ease and that allows most name-brand infant car seats to attach directly to it. This is also a perfect solution for grandparents looking to purchase a stroller of their own for when their favorite little ones come over to play. 


Marathon Moms (& Dads):

If you’re a serious, established runner, than you should go ahead and invest in a true jogging stroller, with one wheel in the front and two wheels in the back. We know that so many parents are eager to start jogging with baby as soon as their little one arrives, but please don’t forget that for baby’s safety, you shouldn’t jog with your new arrival until they are at least 6- to 9-months old! If you aren’t a serious runner, than any sturdy stroller that has a swivel front wheel with locking option is your best bet, allowing you to stroll the neighborhood with ease while also allowing you the option of locking the wheel into place for a smooth jog, too.