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Bedtime Stories Take-Along Storyteller 11-Book Set

Bedtime Stories Take-Along Storyteller 11-Book Set

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Listen to soothing bedtime stories and songs at the end of a busy day with this unique Take-Along Storyteller interactive book set. Included in the 10 stories are classics like Ugly Duckling and Little Mermaid plus new favorites about toy animals and friends who play together. And 10 sleepy songs include Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star, Five in the Bed, and Now the Day Is Over. "Mom" and "Dad" storytellers narrate in calming voices, and sing the songs to relax young minds. Young readers can follow along with the matching books and enjoy the colorful illustrations, or carry the electronic reader and listen to stories on the go. The electronic story reader requires no internet and is ready to play wherever you go. The songs are printed and illustrated in a matching songbook, too! Great for families with kids of different ages. Going to Grandma's house? Bring your stories along - perfect for on the go! 

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