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How do I create a gift registry?

You may create a gift registry in store at our Atlanta, Georgia location or online. If you would like to create your registry in store, simply email to set up an appointment. Either way, we are here to help during this exciting time and will guide you through your product selections.

Can someone help me create my registry? Do I need an appointment?

The registry process can be overwhelming, which is why we are here to help.

Yes, to set up an appointment for a registry in store, please email Our registry specialist will be back in touch to find a time that suits your schedule! Registries are typically scheduled for Saturdays.

When will my registry be available to friends & family?

Whether you choose to register with us in store or online, your registry will be available when you complete the "Create a Registry" section. 

How do I make changes or add items to my registry?

Once you’ve set up your registry, there are two ways to make changes to your registry- either online or in store.

Online, just sign in to your registry and start shopping. When you find an item you’d like to register for, choose the “add to registry” button on the product page and it will be automatically added to your registry. If you need to update your registry profile, after signing in to your registry, select “registry profile” and make any necessary changes. We’re also be happy to make the changes for you- Simply call 855.294.2109 or stop by our Atlanta store location.

Are all of your products in store available online?

While most of our products in store are available online, there is a selection, predominately seasonal items, that are only available in store.

How long will my registry remain available online?

Your registry will remain available one year from the date of your event.

How far in advance do I need to register?

We suggest you register approximately 6-8 weeks before your shower or 3-4 months before your due date. It may be wise to ask your shower host when she’ll be sending out invitations. You want to make sure your registry is completed before the invitations are sent.

How do I delete or cancel my registry?

If you would like to delete your registry, sign in to your registry. From your “registry profile” page, you can select the “delete registry” option. You may also email or call 855.294.2109 for assistance.