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Clara Stocking

Clara Stocking

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Each heirloom quality Bauble Stocking is 6" long, 4.25" wide, 100% hand-stitched with cotton threads and oh-so-soft velvet backing. From start to finish, the attention to precise detail makes this a very special gift.

About Bauble Stockings: From the owner of Bauble Stockings - A Bauble Stocking contains the final present of Christmas, a grand finale to the holiday. Growing up, my mom always got the last gift of Christmas as a thank you for all she'd done that year, and it was always in her needlepoint stocking that hung on our tree. My dad called it her "Bauble Stocking" because on a good year it was a bauble, a piece of jewelry, on a better year it was car keys! Obviously, when we got engaged, I asked my to-be-husband, "So when do I get my Bauble Stocking?" and he said "Your what?" and I said "You know, what the good gifts come in!" He looked at me like I was crazy. Immediately, I got on Google to show him and I couldn't find anything! Every year it's different: be it jewelry, concert tickets, even art lessons! We've done scavenger hunts, love notes, riddles, trips, you name it!
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