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Toddler Book

Toddler Book

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Learn why toddlers behave the way they do and parenting strategies that will motivate them to want to behave. Discover the three household rules your toddler can understand and enjoy learning actual things to say to them, especially when handling things like discipline, sleep issues, tantrums, going out to eat, potty training and feeding issues. From humorous explanations to the short and sweet version, this book has it all! Including cheat sheets: Getting rid of the pacifier The “no” stage Whining and tantrums Sleep and naptime Hitting and biting Putting on their jacket and shoes Going to the grocery store Holding hands across the street Getting into and riding in the car seat Potty training Bringing home a new baby or sibling This resource also provides combined schedules for multi-child households, so you know what time is best to run errands, when you can get both children napping and how to establish healthy nighttime sleep habits.

• SLEEP: How to get toddlers to sleep all night, and in their own room
• THE "NO" STAGE: Why toddlers misbehave, What to say to your toddler to motivate positive behavior
• RULES & BOUNDARIES: The three household rules your toddler can understand and how to implement them
• SUPPORT FOR MOM: Pairs with the famous Moms on Call 15 Month-4 Year online course
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